Superintendent Goals

Superintendent Performance Objectives:

1. Organizational Leadership: Superintendent shall work collaboratively with the Board to update and develop District policy as needed, display an ability to identify and rectify problems affecting the District, and work collaboratively with District administration to ensure best practices for instruction, supervision, curriculum development, management utilization, and work to influence the climate and culture of the District.

2. District Operations and Financial Management: Superintendent shall work collaboratively with the Board and BM Manager to effectively ensure completion of activities associated with the annual budget; oversee distribution of resources in support of District priorities, and direct overall operational activities within the District. 

3. Communication and Community Relations: Superintendent shall communicate with and effectively engage the staff, the Board, and members of the community, clearly articulating District goals and priorities, addressing local and broader issues affecting the District, and building support for District initiatives, programs, and short/long-range plans.

4. Design and install student walkway between practice and football field.

5. Address and improve moisture issues at the Admin Building and Elementary.